Wedding photography can be a whirlwind of activity. And there are times when any good photographer needs to take control and direct the shoot somewhat. I'm not crazy however on telling couples what to do. I find that once you're removed from the ceremony itself and have time for the reality to set in that the most intimate moments occur, more so than at the ceremony itself. It's natural for the couple to feel a sense of relief after the formalities and this is when the photographic magic can happen. So I prefer to let the couple do as they wish and follow their lead. I'm not one to tell a couple how to pose or what to do. As long as they are in the right light and the background's lovely, it helps me and them to just be left alone in the moment. And as soon as they are that's when tears roll and natural laughter and kisses tend to happen. They're often astonishing moments that I feel honoured to capture. It's only after then that we I feel is the best time to explore some more staged shots if that's what you wish.

There's a lot that can be done in post-processing that can lift a shot and help embellish the image, but you can't Photoshop intimacy. Trusting your photographer and feeling relaxed and in charge of your own images is paramount.