What to Wear for Head Shots

Head shots

If there's only one thing casting directors want from actors - apart from brilliant auditions, it's not to be surprised to see you walk in looking like someone else.

Film and media casting professionals are extremely busy people. They flick through thousands of images a year and choose actors and models on instinct, the same way you might pick a magazine. And in this case you do want to be a book judged by its cover. Overdoing makeup and dress is not something you'd do for a casting and there's no reason you should do so at your photo shoot either.

Head shots are subbed by agents as true representations of your look, not airbrushed portfolio images.

So keep it simple:

- Bring two looks - one casual, the other smart and corporate

- Avoid excessive jewellery and very strong colours as they can cast unnatural hues on your skin

- Avoid thin stripes as they tend to shimmer on computer screens

- Females with long hair should keep it untied so it can be tied up for a second look later in the session

- Keep makeup to a minimum and as natural as possible

- If you have tattoos or piercings, make a virtue of them - bring clothing that will show them off for one of your looks

- Don't be shy if you wear glasses. Bring them with you

- Men with beards should keep them on, you can always shave mid-session for another look

I am always shooting head shots for actors and models at my home studio and provide two looks (approximately 50 high res. images) from a half hour session starting from $75. Great value, and always relaxed and informal.

Head shots are also an excellent way for your business to sell its people online, and I can easily set up a portable studio in your office if you'd prefer, to showcase your workplace.

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