Rule Number One for Your Wedding Day

Choosing a wedding photographer can be daunting. Whether you choose to use a professional or family or friend with an interest in photography, one rule reins supreme - enjoy your wedding. It may seem obvious, but it doesn't matter how talented your photographer is, you will not end up with pleasing images if you are still carrying pre-wedding anxieties into your day.

Wedding photography is a third art, a third science and a third people management and it still surprises me how often I need to remind the bride and groom to let go of all the planning. I make a point of reminding the couple at my last pre-wedding consult to each appoint someone close who knows their side of the family well, to wrangle them so they are on standby for their time in the limelight with the couple. It's essential that the bride and groom are not having to concern themselves with this on the day. With long lost family and friends catching up at your wedding it can get pretty chaotic at times. Appointing your loudest friend or family member who is a gun at managing people and can round up people effectively when you need them most will leave you free to enjoy yourselves.

And you deserve to. You have spent months, maybe years planning your wedding. On the day your work's over and it's time to let go, let things fall where they will and enjoy. Your photographs will love you for it.