Jerusalem - Whanganui
Amelia & Xavier - Hawkes Bay
Island Bay - Wellington
St Joseph's Church - Jerusalem - Whanganui
Wedding - Riversdale
"Haere mai e te manuhiri tuarangi" - Queenstown
C-26 Salsa Band - Newtown Festival
Owhiro Bay - Wellington
Waipawa Dairy
Wedding - Wairarapa
Pukehou - Hawkes Bay
Wedding - Wairarapa
Owhiro Bay - Wellington
Wedding - Parliament
Levin Dairy
Martin Poppelwell - Artist
Blackburn Ridge - Otago
Wedding - Wellington
Simon Khan - Artist
Lentil As Anything - Melbourne
New Years Eve - Hastings
Moonlight - Ohariu, Wellington
Island Bay
Pencarrow Head
Owhiro Bay - Wellington
Te Pohue Hotel - Napier/Taupo Road
Model Shoot
Daisy Macro
Takapau Plains - Hawkes Bay

christopher brougham photography

I've been photographing people, landscapes and anything my eye finds interesting since I was seven years old when I got my first camera - a Hanimex Pocket 100. It was so symmetrical that one of my first shots was an unintentional close up of my eye. I've never made that mistake again.


In 1990 I had my first exhibition, and in 1992 opened my first and only business which incorporated picture framing, which I still do today. I learnt my skills and developed my eye with film where error is not an option. So I'm adept at creating maximum impact and pride myself in the spontaneity of my work. Many of the images on this site are untouched scans from negatives. Digital has changed the way we see the world, and I've embraced it. But I still shoot the odd roll of film at a wedding and portrait session to keep it real. Keeping it real is key to great shots. I love photography and I'm great with people. That's all we need to get beautiful images, that and a shed-load of experience.


Specialising in wedding photography and portraiture, I also offer commercial and product shot photography at my home studio in Brooklyn, Wellington, and am available for travel throughout New Zealand and internationally. Having worked in theatre, film and television, journalism, advertising and design, my interests and skills are as varied as my clients' requirements.


If you're interested in photography, there's lots of helpful hints in my blog. Have a look around.

And thanks for visiting my site.

Christopher Brougham - M.A. / Dipl. Journalism